The Mantis

The Mantis

Mantis Back

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Before I saw this mantis, the closest I had been to one was riding The Mantis roller coaster at Cedar Point. Both days the heat was the same. Oppressive,like a stroll through a kiln. I can’t say for sure what the heat was on that day of my amusement park experience, over half my life ago now. Last summer when I found a praying mantis outside my front door, the temperature was upper nineties and near one hundred percent humidity. I was shooting with my Canon 7D and had to keep taking short beaks so it didn’t overheat on me. After an hour or so it felt like there was a hot light bulb on my neck.

The footage sat on a hard drive for months. It was interesting but I didn’t have any ideas for it.  Then not long ago I was clicking through some old files and rediscovered some music I recorded years ago, during an electronic music phase I had went through.

Praying Mantis

Click on image to read more about the Chinese Mantis

There was at least a whole album’s worth of my forgotten techno beats. Picking a track was simple; in fact it’s almost as it the mantis chose it.

Also check out this video on youtube and the JGood International youtube channel.

Written by Dan Clark and Josh Good

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